Dear Customers,

I would like to inform you that I have finished with the translation services 

on January 31,

I am actualy active abroad as an employee in any other field of activities.

If the situation changes I will inform you immediately.


Kindest regards,

Marek Baluska

Translations from / into English, German, Slovak supplied by – PREKLADY ENDESK

We supply translations from / into English, German and Slovak language. We strive to meet all your individual needs for translations and deliver them to you according to your requirements.  

We create translations for people and business. Our priority is to be very close to our customers.

An individual approach to our customers is our basis to keep up long-term business connections that can turn into friendships.

We would like to help you to explore some new international communication space.

We look forward to cooperating with you!

PREKLADY - ENDESK, Englisch, German, Slovak - Translating services that give your life and business the international dimensions.




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Ing. Marek Baluška, PhD. PREKLADY ENDESK

Brezová 423/7, 927 01 Šaľa, Slovak Republic

+421 / (0)903 / 71 34 94


1. How to order the translation? It can be ordered by post, phone, e-mail or in person.

 2. How the text for translation can be delivered? Delivery of the documents for translation is possible by post, e-mail or in person.

3. How you can receive the translations supplied and in which formatting? We will send you the final translation by post, e-mail or you can obtain it in person. The standard formats are as follows: .doc, .xls, .ppt, .pdf, .cdr. We use also CAT instruments. Please consult with Supplier the other formats by phone, e-mail or in person.

4. Express delivery of the translation? Standard time of delivery is 3 days. Express time of delivery is considered to be till 24 hours.

 5. How to pay for the translation?  It is possible to settle the amount to our account pursuant to the invoice or by delivery on cash.

 6. How the price for the translation we be stipulated? The price for the translation will be stipuleted pursuant to the number of translated Standardised pages. It means that the number of Standardised pages and the number of material pages can be different. The Standard page is considered to be 1800 characters including the spaces. It responds to 30 rows by 60 strokes. The number of characters will be recognized in MS Word by means of Menu Tools – Page Number – Characters including the spaces.

7. Certified translation with court certification Certified translation, translation with court certification, court translation, official translation, certified translation and translation with stamp are different names for a certain type of translation – one that is made by a certified translator accredited by the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic and registered in the list of forensic experts, interpreters and translators in accordance with Decree No. 490/2004 Z. z. implementing Act No. 382/2004 Z. z., as amended. Such a translation must be attached to the source text and the translation clause (prekladateľská doložka - the translator’s declaration bearing their signature and round stamp). If you will need the original of the document that you have officially translated in future, it is recommended that you first obtain a notarised copy. At present we do not provide our customers with this services. Please contact the certified translators directly.